General terms and conditions for renting a holiday home on PeOos.eu

1 The rental contract is an agreement between the owner of the holiday accommodation and the guest. PeOos.eu act solely as an intermediary. The contract covers both the property itself and its amenities.

2 The contract does not become legally binding until after receipt of either payment in full or a deposit. Payment must be made by bank transfer by the applicant.

3 The first payment is due within 4 days after booking. The total amount must have been paid in full 30 days before the start of your stay at the latest. A delay in payment is equivalent to cancellation and entitles PeOos.eu to rent out the accommodation to other guests.

4 The rental agreement extends to all persons listed there. By signing the contract, the applicant declares that he or she is authorised to represent these persons. All persons mentioned in the contract are liable to fulfil the conditions of the rental contract, including payment obligation. Any alterations on the part of the guests must be communicated to PeOos.eu in writing prior to arrival, preferably by email.

5 Returning guests can make a prebooking, which is non-binding for either party. Should another party also wish to rent the accommodation during the same period, the returning guest who made the prebooking will receive an email from PeOos.eu, to which he or she should reply within 24 hours to indicate whether to finalize the prebooking. Unfortunately, holiday accommodations in holiday parks and the holiday accommodations in Zeeland are excluded from this arrangement.

6 Exceeding the maximum number of guests specified in the description of the holiday accommodation is not allowed.

7 Tenancy begins and ends at the times specified in the information guests will receive prior to arrival. In case of early arrival, no claims for cleaning can be made if any belongings are put into the accommodation before the time specified.

8 Guests are responsible for the holiday accommodation and commit to using every article belonging to the inventory with care and only within the limits of the agreement. Any damage incurred must be reimbursed.

9 Regular guests are those who book at least once a year with PeOos.eu. PeOos.eu distinguish bronze guests (those who book a 2nd time), silver guests (3rd, 4th or 5th-timers) and gold guests (6 times or more). Being a gold guest comes with benefits, and upon reaching this status they will be informed of these by mail.

10 Bringing along any pets depends on property policy (see description of the accommodation) and should be listed in the rental agreement.

11 The deposit as caution money will be refunded within 14 days after your departure provided the accommodation is left behind undamaged and in a tidy condition. This means putting the rubbish in the bins provided, clearing out the dishwasher and turning off all radiators.

12. Any complaints must be filed straightaway after the defect has been discovered. Complaints made by telephone must also be reported to PeOos.eu by email. Mention the apartment and reservation number. Guests may request a solution but should allow the owner or rental agency a reasonable period of time to remedy the fault.  If this appears impossible, guests are entitled to a reduction of the rental costs.

13 Complaints which are filed later will not be acknowledged by the owner or PeOos.eu and do not entitle the complainant to any compensation. After the expiration of the rental period, it is no longer possible to file a complaint.

14 Guests are obliged to immediately report any damage caused during their stay to PeOos.eu. A later notification entitles the owner or PeOos.eu to claim reimbursement of the costs of consequential damage, should the situation as described in 12 arise.

15 Any cancelling of the rental agreement should be done by e-mail. In that case the cancellation costs that were agreed on in the agreement will be charged, as well as the booking fee.

16 In the event of an entry ban by the Dutch government PeOos.eu will comply with European travel law. Should there be travel restrictions for the holiday destination at the time of their arrival, PeOos.eu will offer guests a rebooking at a later time for at least the same number of nights at the same accommodation. If this offer is not accepted or cannot be accepted, the booking fee and cancellation costs will be charged.

17 After consulting with PeOos.eu guests have the right to transfer the rental agreement to another party.

18 In circumstances beyond one’s control PeOos.eu can terminate the rental agreement.

19 Ineffectiveness of any one provision in the agreement does not affect the validity of other provisions.

20 Any possible lawsuits concerning the rent will be dealt with in The Netherlands according to Dutch law.

Version: 18, Stand 14.05.2021